10 Great Vacuum Cleaning Tips For A Sparkling Clean Home

December 9, 2016

Cleaning is a necessary evil and a vacuum cleaner is the weapon of choice for making a thorough job out of a tedious task.

Vacuums are surprisingly multi-functional and can be used for anything from finding small, misplaced items to smoothing the dents out of carpets. And, of course, simply cleaning up everyday mess.

Today we’ll take a look at 10 easily actionable tips to help you get the very most of your vacuum.

1) Clean Off Dust Traps Like Books

One of the easiest ways to keep your house clean is to take preventative measures to minimize the amount of dirt generated.

Think about your bookshelves…

Books naturally attract dust like a magnet. This is especially true with old books that don’t often get read but simply remain on the shelf.

Although they might seem delicate, vacuuming your books is perfectly safe. Steer clear of any power attachments. Instead, use the hose of your upright or handheld, use a soft attachment and go carefully.

2) Make It Easy On Yourself

Linked to the idea that prevention is the best cure, make it easy on yourself by having a No Shoes Indoors policy.

This is not always practical for every family, though. If you cannot enforce this, place plenty of mats at the doorways. This will at least lessen the amount of debris tracked through your home.

3) Suck The Dust Up From Everywhere You Can

Fighting against dust can be an uphill struggle. It seems like an endless circle of work.

You’ll never be able to get rid of all the dust but you can certainly make a good attempt to get rid of most of it.

  • Vacuum thoroughly around air conditioning units, heating vents and dehumidifiers. Vents and grilles harbor lots of dust. Use a soft attachment to vacuum dust from the slats hassle-free
  • Make full use of your vacuum’s attachments. Crevice tools are particularly handy for dispatching dust
  • Get creative about dusting. Vacuum along the tops of mirrors or lampshades, thoroughly clean your blinds and pictures. Vacuum more than just the bare minimum for a sparkling home
  • Clean the filter of your vacuum frequently. A clogged filter just won’t pick up dust or allergens efficiently

4) Dents In Your Carpet? Use Your Vacuum With Some Ice!

Moving furniture is something everyone does from time to time.

A change in décor is always welcome. The problem is that you are often left with unsightly dents in your carpet.

Take an ice cube and allow it to melt into the dent. This will soften up the fibers. Vacuum it and these fibers should be pulled nicely back into position.

Give it a try!

5) Say Goodbye To Smelly Upholstery

Odors can build up very quickly on sofas and cushions. This is doubly the case if anything is spilled on them.

Most upholstery is not machine washable so make use of your vacuum to keep things tip-top.

Before using the correct attachment, sprinkle some baking soda over the area you want to clean. Let it work its way in for about 30 minutes to loosen up the smell.

Vacuum over it and no more smells!

6) Use A Vacuum to Clean Your Keyboards

Keyboards attract all sorts of dust, dirt and bacteria. They are also notoriously tough to clean well.

Although it might seem heavy-handed, try gently using your vacuum with the crevice tool to blast away all that unsightly grime.

As a finishing touch, try using cotton buds with alcohol solution to clean between the keys and wipe off with a dry cloth.

7) Take Care of Your Refrigerator

One of the prime causes of fridges overheating is a build up of dust on the coils at the back.

Luckily, there’s a straightforward solution…

Move the fridge away from the wall and vacuum the dust away. At the same time, vacuum underneath the fridge to remove any hidden debris that could linger and cause unwelcome odors.

8) Find Your Lost Valuables

If you lose track of a pair of earrings or something else small and precious, it can be extremely frustrating trying to track them down.

Don’t panic… Use your vacuum!

Wrap a pair of tights over the hose of your vacuum and secure it with a rubber band.

Focus on any areas where you think you might have dropped it. Vacuum under the furniture, down the cracks in the sofa, anywhere that you feel the escaped earring could be hiding.

If luck is on your side, your valuables will be sucked up and secured in the tights ending a frustrating search in no time.

9) Vacuum More Than Once

If you really want to clean your floors intensively, you’ll need to vacuum the same area more than just once.

If you pass over every area several times in multiple directions, all stubborn debris should be lifted up nicely.

This multi-pass method is particularly important if you have pets. When a section of carpet is covered with hair, you might have to make as many as 10 passes to really blitz it all away.

Crisscrossing is a great approach for getting the job done well.

10) Change The Bag and Empty The Canister Regularly

Maintenance is key with anything and vacuum cleaners are no different.

Changing the bag and making sure the canister is frequently emptied makes a huge difference to way in which the vacuum functions.

With bagged vacuums, try to change the bags when they are about three-quarters full. Leaving it to become too full might cause the hose to clog up and you’ll see an overall drop in efficiency.

With bagless vacuums, you should be able to see when it needs emptying. If you start cleaning with an empty canister, it will make your task a lot easier.


Housework is rarely enjoyable and seems like a thankless task.

Get creative with your vacuum and make sure that your home is as clean as a whistle without taking too much time out of your busy day.

We hope these tips help you on your cleaning mission!

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