Brief Guide To Finding the Best Robot Vacuum 2017

February 12, 2017
Brief Guide To Finding the Best Robot Vacuum 2017

Everyone loves products that make life easier. When it comes to cleaning your home, there’s little more convenient than a robot vacuum.

A robot vacuum is an automatic device that can take care of keeping your house spotless without you needing to lift a finger.

Whether you have carpets or wood flooring, getting a robot vacuum is the next best thing to hiring a cleaner but without the weekly expenses.

With such a huge array of robotic vacuums on the market, it can be highly confusing when you are deciding which one to buy.

That’s where we are here to help…

We’ll walk you through 8 great ways to ensure that you get the best robot vacuum cleaner for your needs without a headache.

Robot Vacuum Guide

Think carefully about the following pointers before investing in a new robot vacuum. Time spent at this stage can save you money and grief later down the line.

Battery: Power Requirements and Charging

Robot vacuums need batteries to run. These batteries will evidently need recharging.

Pretty much all robot vacuums will give you around 60 minutes before they need a boost.

Use these times as a benchmark when researching the models that interest you:

  • Under 60 Minutes: Not much use
  • 60 Minutes: Usually budget models
  • 60 to 75 Minutes: A mid-range robot with an average cycle
  • 75 Minutes to 90 minutes Or More: Upscale robot

Many of the current breed of robotic vacuums simply return to the charging base under their own steam when the juice is low.

The least flexible models will just run until they are out of power then they need to be manually placed on the base.

A more advanced model will head home alone but still starts the interrupted cleaning cycle from the beginning.

The cream of the crop will do all of the above and then resume with cleaning where it stopped before charging.

Think about the importance of these features for you and buy accordingly.


One of the driving reasons behind buying a robot vacuum is as a labor-saving device when cleaning your house. It makes sense to check up before buying just how much effort you will need to put in yourself when it comes to maintenance.

As technology continues to advance, so the human input needed with robotic vacuums decreases. Improved filtration and extraction systems along with the ability of many models to pop back to the charging base unassisted mean that robot vacuums just keep getting better.

Maintenance should be pretty straightforward. You’ll need to empty the bin before it’s full. Filters on some models will need replacing in time along with the battery pack.

If you set realistic expectations and do your research thoroughly, you can end up with a robotic maid rather than a device that has you constantly working.

Cleaning Performance

It goes without saying that you need to focus on just how well the robot vacuum will cope with your cleaning needs.

In order to come close to matching the performance of a regular vacuum, you should look at the top-tier models. Dyson, iRobot and Botvac are among the best brands for robots.

Mid-range robotic vacuums will do a superb job in general but might struggle with corners or certain surfaces.

The cheaper options are good enough for light cleaning but be prepared to use a regular vacuum afterwards to get a great finish.

Think about what you are getting for your money and spend as much as you can afford without overstretching yourself.


Technology continues to surge forwards. The newer, cutting edge robot vacuums come equipped with a range of auto-scheduling features to make your life even simpler.

With the best versions available, you can just input the times of the cleaning schedule you prefer and leave the machine to do the work even if you are away from home.

Think carefully about how important this extra flexibility is to you and check the products on your shortlist to see how they fare.

Size: Dust Bin

One element that needs human input is emptying the dust bin so you should think about how large this is and how often it will need attending to.

In general, you should probably expect to empty your robot after every 3 or 4 cycles.

Not all robot vacuums that fill up quickly are bad. In many cases, they are just highly efficient at picking up dirt and debris.

Size: Your Living Space

If you have a larger house, you should probably focus on the newer and more advanced robotic vacuums. They normally have superior battery life, recharge automatically, have more substantial dust bins and navigate better.

Robot vacs come with an array of accessories to mark boundaries and take the fuss out of cleaning bigger areas.

Think seriously about the size of your house or apartment so that you get the very best robot vacuum for your personal requirements.


A few contemporary robot vacuums can be controlled easily using a smartphone app. iRobot’s Roomba 980 and Neato’s Botvac Connected lead the field in this respect.

Being able to control your vacuum from a WiFi network means you can enjoy handy live updates and monitor the whole system from your phone or laptop.

If you are highly tech-savvy and like the idea of using your smartphone to take control, think about one of these two models.


Robot vacuums vary wildly in price from just a few hundred dollars to well into four figures. You usually get what you pay for in life and with these appliances it’s no different.

The cheaper models might well be functional but they are not really cut out for a deep clean.

One good tip for getting quality at a slight discount is to target slightly older models from the best manufacturers. That way, you can enjoy a highly efficient robot vacuum without breaking the bank.

As with any purchase, think long and hard about your budget. Use this to simplify your buying decision. Then stick to your budget and make sure you are not tempted to overspend.


We hope you found this bite-sized guide to finding the best robot vacuum useful. Hopefully it will simplify your buying decision.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We are always very happy to hear from our readers and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Now put that robot vacuum to work!

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