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Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner – Could Cleaning Your Home Be Fun?

January 4, 2016

pet hair vacuumIf you have a pet that seems determined to coat your carpets and furniture with hair, you’ll need to have a good pet hair vacuum cleaner if you want to keep your sanity!

I have chocolate brown carpets and a small determined white dog and I’m still smiling!

Most people would agree that the best vacuums for pet hair are those that are easy to use, have great suction, are light to pull around and filter all the dust out of the air. It’s not really that much to ask, is it?

I have had a lifetime of poor experiences with vacuum cleaners. I had one that tipped over every time I tried to turn a corner, another whose cord kept retracting when it shouldn’t. Then I had to put a bulldog clip on it just to avoid being sucked into the power point.

I have also had my patience tried with the various vacuum bag sizes needed to fit the pet hair vacuum of the day. Have you ever been to the hardware store and been confronted by sixty different shapes and sizes of vacuum bag only to be told they were “out of your particular model”? Aaarggghhh!

Finding the best pet hair vacuum

In an effort to escape the bag problem, I managed to obtain a vacuum cleaner with a cloth bag. This worked well until I needed to empty it. Have you ever tried to hold your breath for over two minutes while violently bashing a cloth bag full of dust, dog hair and budgie feathers?

Seven years ago (and nineteen vacuum cleaners later) I decided that a cheap vacuum cleaner was a false economy and my next one would have to be an investment rather than a cost. I now have one of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners on the market. Yes it’s old but it works as well as the day I first bought it. It has covered many kilometers of carpet without a hiccup, it doesn’t fall over when turning corners and it doesn’t have a bag of any description. The cord still retracts perfectly and I can even empty it into the rubbish bin while breathing normally. Hallelujah!

It’s a Dyson Animal

I don’t know why I waited so long before buying my first Dyson. Probably because I thought they were a bit expensive. I now know that I’ll never buy anything else if this one ever packs it in. So far it’s showing no sign of doing so. In fact I think it will probably outlast me!

Cheap pet vacuums suck (or not – if you follow my meaning!).

Seriously though, if you want one of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners available on the market today, Dyson has to be the smartest choice for several reasons. It cleans better, it’s healthier due to the famous HEPA filter, there are models for every type of floor, it lasts forever and it looks classy too. You can’t go past a Dyson.

It’s also good to know this: when you buy a Dyson pet hair vacuum you’re buying from a company that’s been in business for nearly 20 years. Dyson has done so well through it’s innovative technology that it has it’s own charitable trust – the James Dyson Foundation – to encourage excellence in engineering.

I have compiled a comprehensive and honest review of the various models that I consider the best of the best. Please be aware that if you purchase a pet hair vacuum from this site, you will be redirected to and that I will be compensated for the sale. Just so ya know!

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