Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

July 28, 2016

Vacuum cleaner FAQs

How often should I vacuum?

In rooms which have lots of people in and out, vacuuming daily is ideal. Being more realistic, once or twice a week should do the trick. Take your time, go over the area more than once and move in parallel rows back and forth for best results

How many strokes are needed with my vacuum?

6-7 strokes is perfect for really thorough cleaning. If not many people use the area, you can drop this to 3-4 strokes and still get great results

Which is better, a vacuum with a bag or a bagless vaccum?

One is no better than the other, they are simply different. A test from the Good Housekeeping Institute showed them to both clean equally well. With a bagless vacuum, you save on buying bags but they can be messy to empty. Also, you need to clean the dust containers and filters. Vacuums with bags contain the dirt and dust nicely but if you lose something like a ring inside it can be difficult to locate. Think about which type suits your needs best and buy accordingly

How do canister and upright vacuums differ?

If you want versatility then go for a canister vacuum. They work as well as uprights on carpet but are also superb for bare floors, stairs and dealing with dirt stuck in awkward corners

Do vacuum cleaners with more amps clean better?

Not necessarily. This rating is simply a measurement of the electrical current used by the motor. In terms of performance, more important are the amount of suction produced, the airflow, attachments and overall design so do not be fooled into focusing too much on the amps

When should I change the bag on my vacuum?

Change it when the bag is filled as far as the indicator line. A smarter move is to switch the bag when it’s only three-quarters full. For those of you with pets, more frequent changing is recommended. To err on the side of caution, check every other time you vacuum

Is it harmful for my vacuum or my carpet if I use powder fresheners?

No. Start with a clean bag for best results. Since using powders can cause clogging, it’s wise to change the bag afterwards

What are the attachments for?

A motorized nozzle is wonderful for vacuuming rugs or pile carpets. A wall brush or floor brush is suited to bare floors. A crevice tool can help if you need to get dust out of your drawers or clean AC and heating vents. Upholstery attachments can be used for car interiors, fabrics and curtains. A dusting brush comes into its own for lampshades, blinds or moldings

When should I change the filter on my vacuum?

The good news is that is does not need changing as often as the bag. If it looks worn or dirty then it needs replacing. If you have a HEPA filter – the filters that remove the majority of dust particles – then switch it every six months or so. Refer to the user’s manual for precise guidance and instructions on replacement

What is a sealed HEPA system of filtration?

This particular type of filter system is completely sealed. Everything, including the motor exhaust, is filtered. It copes well with bacteria, pollen, dust and other allergens

How do washable filters and rinsable filters differ?

They are only different in terms of the way you clean them. Use soap and water for washable filters but water only for the rinsable variety

How high should I set the nozzle adjustment?

This depends on the height of your carpet. Use the lowest possible setting for low-pile carpets and ramp it up for thicker and more plush carpets. If you have chosen the right level then you will not need to expend much effort when vacuuming

How do I know when to replace the belt on my vacuum cleaner?

When your vacuum shows signs that it’s not cleaning so efficiently or the brush roll stops turning, it’s time for a new belt. Switch off your vacuum and unplug it. With a screwdriver and a replacement, you can easily do this yourself. If you are not confident then call a technician

My vacuum cleaner is not picking up dirt properly. What should I do?

A full inspection is in order. Turn off your vacuum and unplug the cord. Check if the belt is broken or worn. Examine the roller brush. See if the bag is full. Are there any blockages anywhere? If these basic checks are performed with no results then you need to head to the repair shop

Can I clean an Oriental rug?

Yes. They are fragile but also need regular cleaning. If you have an agitator brush then turn it off. For canister vacuums, clean the rug gently with a bare floor brush. Take special care around the fringe. Make sure that you clean the underside of the rug from time to time as well

What is the best way to clean carpeted stairs with my vacuum?

Use the upholstery nozzle for carpeted stairs. Alternatively, use a brush attachment. Make sure you clean the stairs regularly and then it will be a simple job each time. Little and often works wonders

How can I remove stains from my carpet?

Mix up 1 tsp of a fairly mild detergent with a cup of lukewarm water. Dip a clean cloth into your solution. Gently dab and blot the stain until nothing remains. White vinegar and water also serves to get rid of many stains and you will not need detergent. Use 1/3 cup of the white vinegar to 2/3 cup water for optimum results

How can I stop the bad smell coming from my bagged vacuum?

Replace the bags regularly to stop odors building up. HEPA bags help to prevent smells. If you still notice a problem then try some special cleaning solutions and you can eliminate any odors that come from pets and spoil the cleaning experience


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