How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Carpets - Updated September 2016

A Comprehensive Guide on How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Carpets

December 17, 2015

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It took you some considerable amount of time, money and resources as a whole to look for and select the best carpet or rather rag for your home and space. It has now come to a time when you need to pair your carpet with its perfect vacuum. The perfect match will ensure that your carpet does not only look great in the house but also assures it of an extended life. If you didn’t know that a vacuum is capable of affecting your carpet’s life, then you better beware. You may have already known how good it is to clean your carpets but you probably don’t know how. Good carpet cleaning practices starts with How to choose the most appropriate vacuum cleaner for carpets.

A carpet is a stair or floor covering that’s designed and made using thick woven fabric that typically is shaped to fit a given room, stair or space of choice. Today, carpeting floors is a trendy thing in the modern homes and offices. If appropriately selected, a carpet will make your room look extremely elegant. However, these pieces of fabrics do collect a lot of dirt, debris and allergens among others. For your space to look as elegant as ever and the health of the occupants of the house to be in good health, there is need for regular carpet cleaning.

Different types of carpets and vacuum cleaners to clean them

  • Shag Carpets
Shag carpets

Those who own the shag carpet types understand that cleaning them without causing a slight damage may be a tall order. The fiber on these carpets are not as firmly attached thus a recommendation that vacuums that will not in any way pull out the fibers should be used. This explains the point why a number of vacuum cleaners tend to be less useful when it comes to cleaning such carpets. Shag carpets are known to store some incredible dust amounts and by extension allergens. The most appropriate machine for cleaning such should have powerful HEPA filters for convenient removal of dirt together with allergens from the carpet. They also need to have large wheels especially if they will frequently be used on the Long carpet. Because pushing vacuums on shag carpets is quite a tall order, lightweight needs to be an important consideration with the cordless being a nice touch indeed. It would be a good idea to get one with low profile setting since there is a high possibility you will need to reach under furniture and such areas. A Roller brush (a highly recommended unit for dirt lifting) and a powerful motor need to be considered.

  • Berber Carpets

At first sight you may think that it’s an easy task cleaning the Berber carpets but that’s not the case. These carpets are destroyed by the roller brushes thus you need a vacuum that either doesn’t have such brushes or that which can be switched off. The rotating brush will pull little loops, eventually ruining the weave and the carpet as a whole. A high suction power amount is important as it is the only feature that can lift the dirt convincingly when the roller brush is ruled out. In a nutshell, for the Berber carpets, you need a machine that has at least 100AW suction power and an ON/OFF roller brush selector.

In the event that you’re entire home is covered with a Berber carpet, selecting a canister cleaner having a stationery vertical brush. Without this, an easily disengaged rotating brush will suffice. In addition, a brush that agitates thus loosening deeply lodged debris should be sought for. Together with these, it should have excellent filtration system to reduce the effects of the electrostatic dusts collected by the carpet fibers. For Stairs carpet, a collapsible will highly be functional.

  • Plush Carpets

The plush is a high-profile and Expensive carpet that’s very soft and my perhaps be the most difficult when it comes to cleaning. For the most efficient cleaning services, ensure that your cleaner has the following major specifications:

  • Rotating brushes
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Strong airflow

This carpet can easily become stained thus the best machine for cleaning it is one that comes with rotating brushes. Such brushes have lots of power capable of dislodging dirt stuck on the carpet weaves. In addition, a strong airflow will help lift debris, dust and dirt from the deepest carpet fiber levels. The adjustable heights are essential because you need a machine that can get you as close as possible to the carpet. Besides, lifting it a few millimeters high ensures that deep brush marks are not left behind. As a rule of the thumb, the best vacuum cleaner has a strong motor together with excellent filtration systems.

  • Frieze Carpets

This is a very expensive carpet type thus the need of taking absolute care during vacuuming. An upright vacuum cleaner having adjustable heights scores highest as the most recommended type. In case it comes with a beater bar/beater brush, ensure it has an ON/OFF switch or be sure to disengage it as this can really damage your carpet. Canister vacuums can also be good options since they have light and gently nozzle head and are also easy to use. A good suction dislodges dirt from deep fiber levels thus enhancing the carpets longevity. If you can acquire a lightweight machine having adjustable power settings, don’t think twice as this is an appropriate tool for your carpet.

  • Coir Carpets

Coir carpets

These are trendy carpets which are unfortunately quite tough to clean. The elegant feeling these carpets give to an entire room is the reason why many people love them. a vacuum cleaner with a good suction, lightweight and has soft brush bristles is the most appropriate machine for this carpet type. Dragging a heavy, maybe 25 pound unit over the carpet eventually destroys its fibers. A powerful canister can be the best type for doing this job. Even if you go for any other type, try going for a tool that’s over 300 AW power rated.

Benefits of using a vacuum to clean carpets

There are three major reasons or rather benefits associated with regular carpet vacuuming:

  • Home Hygiene: A few quick vacuuming sweeps with a vacuum cleaner gets rid of allergens and dust before they can build up on your floor and the home at large. It is also one of the most appropriate ways one can use to get rid of unwelcome “gunk” that usually gets into and onto the carpets. This results to a much cleaner environment at home.
  • Aprolonged carpet life: Regular cleaning makes the carpets appear newer for a much extended period of time while at the same time getting rid of any dirt particle that grinds into the carpet fibers.
  • Improvement of the family’s health: It is not always possible to tell just from a look that your carpet is dirty. However, these carpets often harbor all sorts of allergens and things that are disease causing. These are things that may cause disease without the inhabitants of the house noticing. In areas with high humidity levels there is a high risk of mold development if there is no proper maintenance. All carpets have a filter characteristic that trap dirt particles and dust of all kinds that cause asthma and allergies among others.
  • The aesthetic appeal of any given space is yet another advantage that can’t go unmentioned. The cleanliness and appearance of those carpets and rags will absolutely give a clear definition of who you are. Without proper cleanliness, you may end up losing customers and clients. However, with a clean carpet, you may just end up getting that very important contract and tender that will completely change your life.

How to use vacuum to clean different types of carpets

Typically, the best vacuums come with a variety of features such as the ability to adjust heights, fan speed and beater bar. Vacuums having large but smooth wheels, specialty tools as well as the self-propelled vacuums may also be effective for some carpets but not very effective for some delicate types. In a nutshell, the fiber type & construction not only determines the type of vacuum cleaner to be used but also the way the cleaning needs to be done.

  • High pile, Long Carpets made of wool or wool-blend together with the premium soft carpets: The height is adjusted to the highest setting. Very contracted suctions are to be avoided whereas those with large wheels are to be preferred for easy movements.
  • Thick loop, Stairs Carpet, long pile carpets, casual frieze etc: The beater needs to completely be disengaged so that the carpet is vacuumed by using the suction only.
  • All other carpet types missing above: A vacuum having a rotating brush or that with a beater bar is used. The bags are often changed whereas the beater bars are checked for gouges and bars thus preventing the damage of carpet surfaces.

Adjustable height feature is important as it makes it possible for a machine to be used on a wide range of carpet constructions. For the most appropriate height setting, you should have the beater brush or bar just lightly touching the carpet surface.

In the event that the setting places the vacuum too high above the surface, then the grisly soil below won’t be attracted efficiently. Ensure that it does not gouge or dig in to the carpet pile. In the event that it is set too low, the beater brushes or bar may “Fuzz” the surface of the carpet thus making it to appear frayed and worn. In case you see any damage or fraying, either change the settings or alternatively use a different vacuum.

Points to keep in mind while choosing a vacuum for carpet

Proper carpet maintenance is the only known practice that keeps one’s carpets look new for a reasonably long period. Carpets and rags are delicate home additions with each having its own vacuuming requirements and specifications. Below are some of the points to put into consideration before buying a vacuum cleaner.

    • n ergonomic design
    • LEDs
    • Lightweight
    • Scrubber attachments
    • Several brush roll types
    • Multiple accessories

All in all, a carpet is a very important and trendy addition in any interior setup. They are accessories that highly define the appearance and the beauty of the house. Different carpet types have different cleaning requirements thus different vacuum cleaner type recommendations. The cleanliness of your carpet will define whether your floor remains elegant or not. On the other hand, the vacuum cleaner you choose either makes or breaks the whole subject. I mean, the cleaner you choose will either clean or destroy your carpet. Make the best choice and you will have your floor looking great once again.

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