How to choose the best vacuum for hardwood floors 2016

How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

January 2, 2016

How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Installing a hardwood floor in the modern generation has become a fashion. Since, the style has replaced traditional tiles at home keeping the floor clean and dirt free is the duty of every individual installing it in his or her home.

What’s the best type of vacuum for hardwood floors?

Since hardwood cleaning is best done by vacuums one should avoid the use of water, etc on wood to prevent it from getting decayed and maintain its luster forever. However, nevertheless, since there are a number of vacuums available in the market for cleaning hardwood floors the best vacuum most suitable to all hardwood floors would be the bagless vacuum cleaner. The bagless vacuum cleaner has its own advantage. It is easy to handle and is less expensive in comparison to the other vacuum cleaners available in the market. What’s best about the bagless vacuum cleaner is its ability to choke both dirt and dust off of the valuable hardwood flooring without leaving a mark of its use been made on the floor.

Comparison between the different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market

Thanks to the modern generation the hardwood flooring has now flourished across the globe. However, since, cleaning such floors is a matter of main concern, given below are the names of the best vacuum cleaners all having a specialty of their own:

  • Bagless

This vacuum cleaner has a unique design. It cleans the floor by channeling the dust into a dust collector. However, emptying this dust container is a must in order to keep the bagless cleaner working. Apart from this the vacuums of bagless have filters that require regular cleaning and replacement. Repeating these steps could prove to be a hassle. However, what adds up an advantage to the bagless vacuum cleaners is its portability, and of course the fact that it is isn’t really expensive when compared to the other vacuum cleaners that are to follow.

  • Bagged

Bagged vacuum cleaners are slightly expensive in comparison to bagless vacuum cleaners. These cleaners are reliable as they come along with a bag which can be opened, once full, for throwing the dirt away. However, after each use, the bag becomes extra dirty which leads to the purchase of a new bag in time. This turns into a hassle as the requirement of a new bag is a regular task that needs to be performed every now and then.

Other than what its negative is, one should gain knowledge about its positive attributes. Bagged vacuum cleaners have built-in filters that help in filtering the air passing through it. Those involved in having dust allergies are more likely and should most certainly make it a point to use bagged vacuums. This is safe and promotes a safer environment at home. Thus, when the choice to be made is between a bagless and a bagged vacuum cleaner, bagged vacuum cleaners should always be considered above bagless vacuum cleaners on hardwood flooring.

  • Canisters

These are bag less vacuum cleaners. Their best use is seen when cleaning hardwood floors to help them get rid of stubborn dirt staining the ground. These are easy to use and could most conveniently be moved from one place to the other to bring about appreciative results.

  • Uprights

An upright vacuum cleaner is always easy to handle. They are portable and can be stored at any spot with convenience and utmost ease. An upright vacuum cleaner can always be carried from one place to the other. This is what helps the user to move the cleaner from one room to the other to get rid of the dust spread across his hardwood floor. Such cleaners don’t normally have anything negative about them, except for the fact that one is sure to hold on to it for a longer period of time.

  • Robotic

Thanks to technology robotic vacuum cleaners are cleaners used and adored worldwide. They are time savers as they help a person save on energy and complete other chores while the robot does its thing. Once fully charged the robot becomes capable of cleaning the entire house in time duration of less than two hours. The home owner can most likely relax in the same room where the robot apparently works its tricks out or, could also go ahead to enjoying other activities.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are best for people suffering with arthritis. The elderly are most likely to have it as per their comfort zone. The cost of hiring a professional to vacuum the entire household is negated. The machine is one that runs at a low cost. Using a robot to vacuum the entire household only leads to the electrical charge that would be reflecting in your bill. The only task the house owner is to perform is that of emptying the bin filled with dirt by the robot. There is no pushing or heavy lifting involved as the machine is lightweight indeed. The best part about a robotic vacuum cleaner is its undeniable capability to push away low-lying objects on a hardwood floor. It leaves no stones unturned to reach out to places that require a lot of cleaning but are quite more than often out of reach for a number of vacuum cleaners.

Other than everything else mentioned, a robotic vacuum cleaner is one whose container can be cleaned easily with soap and water. However, the small filters fitted within require change. It is necessary to replace them within a particular duration in order to keep the robot going. These cleaners prove to be highly maneuverable but the costs apparently vary greatly.

  • Cylinder

These cleaners require less effort when used for cleaning a hardwood floor. They are best suited for cold countries. While using a cylinder vacuum cleaner one is capable of moving the cleaner around without using much effort to take the motor from one place to the other. Most cylinders come along with built in attachments, this leaves a person to change nothing other than the cleaner heads in the entire vacuum cleaner. However, what’s disadvantageous about the cylinder is that although the cleaner can be moved from one place to the other a little more of the effort is required when it comes to cleaning another room. The motor attached has to be carried over to the other room. It is one that cannot be kept in one room while cleaning the other.

Features to consider when buying a hardwood vacuum cleaner

  • Spaciousness of the Household

In case if you are a person having a house with several rooms, it would be wise on your part to choose a cleaner that is lightweight. A decision of this sort would never be regretted. Lightweight vacuum cleaners are easy to handle. They could be easily moved from one room to the other for cleaning purposes. This requires less effort and should therefore be understood to be the first preference of the owner of the household.

  • Health Conditions -Medical Ailments and Allergies

Senior citizens suffering from arthritis and various other ailments should make it a point to go ahead for automatically working vacuum cleaners for their hardwood floors. Robotic vacuum cleaners could do the trick if chosen. For now these are the best lightweight automatic working cleaners for houses consisting of ailing patients.

Those suffering with dust allergies should always make it a point to bear in mind the trouble they face while cleaning the floor. It is in due accordance to this that one should make it a point to go ahead for bagged vacuum cleaners. These cleaners are safe and reliable. While cleaning the floor they ensure a direct entry of the dirt into a bag attached to them. They have a good filtration system and therefore should be chosen by people suffering from dust allergies. Choosing High Efficiency Particulate Air filter for you vacuum cleaners could prove to be the best decision of your life. These filters have the capacity of catching around 99.9% of the dust that causes allergy amongst people. These allergens pass through the vacuum leaving the air clean and pure for health.

  • Choice of vacuum for pet owners

Those having pets should make it a point to go ahead for bagged vacuum cleaners. This would help them collect animal hair at a rate faster than expected.

  • Replacement of containers in a vacuum cleaner

In case if you are a person who is busy and doesn’t have much of his time for the day, ensure buying cleaners that carry on with ease. Buying bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners could be a bit of a hassle. These cleaners require regular attention and replacement of the containers attached on a timely basis. If the same isn’t done on time the filters built within the cleaners are most likely to get spoilt. Therefore choosing robotic vacuum cleaners should be understood to be the best option for daily workers.

  • Capacity

Each vacuum cleaner comes along with its own capacity to store dirt within in. Those with smaller rooms but extra dirty floors should bear in mind the condition of their house before buying off a vacuum cleaner that simply looks appealing to the eyes.

  • Budget

One should bear in mind their household expenditure and budget at hand before choosing a vacuum cleaner available in the market. Those with limited budget at hand should go ahead for bagless or bagged vacuum cleaners. These cleaners are less expensive in comparison to the other electronic cleaners available for hardwood cleaning.

  • Comparison

Before purchasing a vacuum cleaner one should make it a point to ensure the ways in which each vacuum cleaner runs. A comparison between the ways of working, the quality result each cleaner produces is a must before taking a decision. The salesman is most likely to guide you into understanding the ways of the vacuum cleaner to all. However, the purchase of a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor should solely depend upon your understanding about the type of floor you have at home and the various types of cleaners available in the market today.

  • Pleasure

Those willing to live in pleasure should always choose a robotic vacuum cleaner. This could leave the owners with a choice of either relaxing or completing other tasks at hand. One is most likely to free himself of the tension of cleaning a hardwood floor that isn’t really dirt resistant and therefore, requires utmost concentration.

  • Price

Each vacuum cleaner for hardwood cleaning comes in a particular range set as per the policies of the market. With various brands available today a competition between the price ranges has taken place to attract customers into buying vacuum cleaners for their homes. Choosing a cheap vacuum cleaner is not always the best option. An attention should always be paid towards the capacity and type of result the cleaner is sure to produce.

  • Storage

When buying a vacuum cleaner one should bear in mind the space available in his or her house for storing the cleaner. Ensure buying portable cleaners that could be stored anywhere to provide room for other works necessarily meant to be done at home.

  • Timeliness

Since time is always a major factor behind everything said and done, one should always choose a cleaner that is sure to produce quality results within two hours or a little more.

  • Warranty

Ensure buying vacuum cleaners that come along with a maximum warranty. The warranty given by the company should not be for less than one year. Also, the warranty should be one that is inclusive of both parts as well as maintenance.

  • Wireless Vacuum Cleaners

In case if you are a person who is sick of using wired cleaners thanks to the fact that they always come on your way of cleaning, wireless vacuum cleaners should be considered a first choice for ease and comfort.


Since, a vacuum cleaner is a must have the points mentioned above should be read with utmost attention to get the best of what you deserve.

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