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How to Get Rid Of Fleas in your Carpet

April 14, 2016

How to Get Rid Of Fleas in Carpet Dogs and cats can be great pets but if you have carpets, chances are you will eventually have fleas infiltrating them. To get rid of fleas you need to do more than giving your pet a bath with a special flea removal shampoo. The fleas will simply return when they go from the carpet to your pets once again.

Fleas can also get onto people if they lay on any carpets that are infested. Once you discover them, getting rid of fleas should be a top priority in both your pets and carpets. A flea can get into your carpets, bed, sheets, furniture such as sofas and fabric couches and, of course, your clothing.

Once unearthed, you should wash the fleas in carpet and rugs. If the carpeting is small enough, try to put it in your washing machine but make sure that it is not filled with sand because that sand will be left in the machine. For larger carpets and rugs, get a bucket of mild soap water and clean the area because this will kill all of the fleas. A really large carpet can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Go over the areas repeatedly and then put the bag in the garbage. Tie it in a separate plastic bag and then toss it out with the trash. If the job is too big for you to handle on your own, it may be time to consider hiring a professional. Fleas in your carpet can be effectively removed when experts bring in a steam cleaner machine. A good steaming of your carpets will make getting rid of fleas a simple job.

The professional will do his job by removing any eggs or larva that may be hidden among the fibers. Speak to the professional cleaner and they can apply a flea treatment to prevent new outbreaks from occurring. If hiring a pro is too expensive, buy a special soap that will help kill insects in your carpeting. When the situation and outbreak has been taken care of, you are not finished.

You now have to make sure that another outbreak is prevented. Vacuum on a regular basis because you can eliminate half of the egg population that were left by fleas in carpet. When flea season is almost at a peak, you will need to vacuum every two days to keep the situation under control. Do not skimp on moving around the furniture. Just because you cannot see an area does not mean that it is free of fleas or their eggs.

Vacuum underneath everything and move any thing that may be too heavy to lift. Remove the bags from the vacuum at least every week and have them tossed into the garbage bin outside of your home. Many chemicals that kill fleas can be dangerous to use in your home, especially homes with children or pets. However, if a chemical is what you want and need to use, you can find many available at most retail stores or home improvement places.

When you have found a spray to use, read it and pay special attention to the danger and how it should be used. Exercise caution. Once you have the spray that you want, go over your carpet to kill the fleas. Make a note of the carpet areas that are a favorite hangout for your pets. You can also ask a vet if there is a flea kill carpet spray that they can recommend for the safety of your children and animals. Try to avoid the use of a pesticide if at all possible.

Small kids tend to crawl on the floor, lay down or roll around. This will give the pesticide an opportunity to get onto their clothing, be inhaled or seeped into their pores on contact. Try the multiple other options available before going to extremes with a pesticide. Useful article:  How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Carpets

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