Bissell Power Edge Hard Floor Vacuum 81L2A for Pet Hair Freshly Updated Review - Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors 2018

Bissell Power Edge Hard Floor Vacuum 81L2A for Pet Hair Freshly Updated Review

November 2, 2017

Pets on a hardwood floor can be a problem. Keeping the pet hair from marring the gorgeous look of the wood can take some special care from a hard floor vacuum. That’s where the BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A comes in. The unique V-shape of the head is specifically designed to direct debris, especially those larger clumps of hair, into the center suction area. Here the BISSELL PowerEdge’s powerful suction takes control of it. The ends of the V-design are made to capture the other, finer debris that can collect on your floors.

The BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor vacuum is designed especially for hard wood flooring. The main features are highlighted here:

We Like

  • Swivel head allows for easy cleaning around furniture, along edges and in tight spaces
  • No brooms or attachments are needed
  • Will clean low-pile rugs in addition to wood flooring
  • Includes easily emptied dirt collection cup
  • Low profile for ease in cleaning under furniture
  • Full 20 foot cord
  • Bagless, cyclonic technology
  • Easily assembled

We Don't Like

  • One year limited warranty
  • Small wheels can clog with debris
  • Filter can clog quickly, requiring frequent cleaning

Vacuum Setup

The Bissell Power Edge Hard Floor Vacuum is pretty easy to get up an running in a short amount of time.  Just pull it out of the box, snap a couple of things together and you can be sucking up nasty pet hair in under 10 minutes!

Design Features of the Bissell PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum

  • V-shaped Base.  First is the V-shaped vacuum base. This is the secret to its effectiveness. The V-shaped base is made to properly utilize power by sucking debris to the center of the V where the suction power is greatest. This makes the vacuum strong enough to pick up large debris that other vacuums cannot. The other edges also serve to pick up other smaller debris from your floor.
  • We also found that the V-shape is helpful when cleaning the floor near furniture. We know that at some point you had to pick up a table or a seat just to clean near its legs. With the Bissell Power, cleaning under the furniture is exceptionally easy. This is because it can maneuver around the furniture without hitting the base.
  • 20-foot cord.  This is something that we are always excited about. The Bissell Power has one of the longest cords you can find on a stick vacuum. With the 20 foot cord, your cleaning will be easy and you can move around the house without any problem. It is also lightweight meaning that you can use it for a long time without being exhausted.
  • Specially designed for hard floors.  Even though you can use it on any other type of floor, the Bissell Power is designed specifically to be a hard floor vacuum. The wheels are designed in a way that they can move seamlessly without scratching your smooth floor. If you need a hardwood floor vacuum then the Bissell Power is the way to go as it gently sucks dust, hair, and debris from the floor without causing any damages.
  • Transparent dirt cup. There is no guessing with the Bissell Power. The dirt cup is transparent so you can always know when it is time to empty it.
  • Very powerful.  With its V-shape design, this vacuum is among the strongest in the market. It can pick up any type of debris including, cat hair, dog hair, cat litter, and all dirt. By concentrating the suction power to the center, the vacuum uses power effectively to pick up even large items that other vacuums can’t. We found it to be one of the strongest hardwood floor vacuum.
  • Versatility. Thanks to the same design perfection, this vacuum is highly versatile. You can clean almost everything a pet owner would need to clean by just using the vacuum cleaner. There is no need to use other accessories like brushes and pads. The vacuum cleaner is designed to get the job done without using anything else but its V-shaped base. You will even clean around edges and tight spaces with this vacuum easily.

Our Favorite Parts on this Vacuum for Pet Hair

As we all know, pet hair can accumulate quickly under other furniture and around the legs of our chairs and tables. The swivel head on the BISSELL PowerEdge makes it easy to maneuver around these obstacles to get to the hair. The suction can accommodate large particles such as spilled dog food or kitty litter that gets tracked over the floor. The V-shaped design effectively pulls the debris to the center where it can be suctioned away. The edge cleaners do a good job of pulling up the small, fine debris that loves to accumulate along the floorboards.

The unit is lightweight, weighing in at only 7.1 pounds when empty. The 20 foot cord allows for adequate reach around most rooms and hallways. The bagless technology, combined with the cyclonic design combine to make it necessary to empty the dirt cup multiple times when there are large messes to clean up. For normal daily use, the dirt cup is sufficient for cleaning multiple rooms.

The wipers are constructed of rubberized material that attracts pet hair, much more than mere suction alone. Some assembly is required, with instructions detailed in the owners’ manual. The inner paper filter can be cleaned repeatedly and reused, with recommended replacement from time to time.

The small wheels on the outer edge can become clogged with debris that prevents them from rolling smoothly. These must be kept clear to prevent scratching of your wooden floors. The one year limited warranty is disappointing, and some assembly is needed. 

  • Edge Cleaning. Owning a pet is one of the most fulfilling hobbies, but when it comes to cleaning, it could prove challenging. However, with this vacuum, things become much easier. The cleaner also comes in handy for people with hardwood floors as you can clean edges without worrying. Every pet owner and hardwood floor owner who has used this vacuum can tell you that it is the best vacuum for hard floors and cleaning up after pets.
  • Flexibility.  The flexibility comes from its design once again. The vacuum is designed with some lightweight materials, which means that it weighs only 7.1 pounds when empty. That is a pretty impressive weight for a stick vacuum. We found that this vacuum is easy to use and comfortable to move around the house with. This is especially so because you do not necessarily need to add any accessories to it, which would have added more weight. With its lightweight nature, this vacuum cleaner is easy to use anywhere around the house.
  • With the 20 foot cord, the vacuum can be used around the house without constantly plugging and unplugging it. This size of cord offers hassle-free mobility around the house without needing extra AC outlets in the room.
  • Convenience. This vacuum makes cleaning super easy. With the design, you can clean the whole house in just minutes, as you do not have to move furniture around. The cleaner’s lightweight nature is an added advantage when it comes to emergency cleaning as you can just whip it out at any time and clean up the mess fast. When it comes to storing it, you will be thankful that it is a stick vacuum implying that it can stand on its own. It does not need any extra support, as it can stand upright on its own. Talk of amazing designs!
  • Things We Are Less Excited About

    Even though the Bissell Power might be one of the best vacuum for hardwood floors, it still has its flaws.

    • For instance, some people might find that the cord is not long enough. People who own large houses might argue that the 20-foot cord is not long enough to clean all the places in their rooms. If you have a large room, you should consider getting an extension cord or have several AC outlets in your rooms. A limited cord length is the main reason why some people prefer cordless vacuum cleaners.
    • When cleaning for a long time, you will find out that the vacuum also does not have a large capacity. However, this problem is easy to fix since you can see through the transparent cup to know when to empty the vacuum.
    • The other drawback is that the vacuum cleaner is not equipped with a HEPA filtration. This can be a problem to some people especially those with dirt related allergies.
    • The Bissell Power is specially designed to be a hard floor vacuum. Therefore, you might encounter some problems when trying to use it on other floors especially on some carpets.
    • Finally, it doesn’t have an automatic cord rewind. Some people require this feature but it is not present in the Bissell Power. However, it is still easy to use, handle, and store.

    Specifications: Bissell Power Edge Hard Floor Vacuum

    • Dimensions: 10.6 x 11.3 x 43.3 inches

    • It weighs only 7.5Ibs.

    • The width of its nozzle is 11.35

    What’s Inside the Box?

    • PowerEdge vacuum cleaner

    • Instruction manual

    • Charger

    • Battery

    • The product’s registration card


    If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum that can take care of the day to day cleaning of your hard wood floors and low-pile rugs, this BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A is a good choice. It is backed by BISSELL’s reputation for sturdy construction and quality. Pet hair doesn’t stand much of a chance against this reliable, easy to use vacuum.

    The Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum is not only perfect for cleaning after pets but it is also in the top 10 on our list of the best vacuum for hard floors. With its amazing design, cleaning your house will be a hassle-free activity. You will get to clean those edges and hard to reach areas that you always worry about with this vacuum.

    If you own a pet, then this is a vacuum to add to your arsenal. It is easy to carry, use, and store at any time. If you want your pet to grow in a clean and healthy environment, then you should make sure that your home is properly cleaned with the Bissell PowerEdge. Say goodbye to all matted pet hair and debris with this all in one vacuum cleaner. You will not even need extra accessories!

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