Bissell 81L2A Floor Corded Vacuum Cleaner Review

December 23, 2015

Pets on a hardwood floor can be a problem. Keeping the pet hair from marring the gorgeous look of the wood can take some special care. That’s where the BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A comes in. The unique V-shape of the head is specifically designed to direct debris, especially those larger clumps of hair, into the center suction area. Here the BISSELL PowerEdge’s powerful suction takes control of it. The ends of the V-design are made to capture the other, finer debris that can collect on your floors.

The BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor vacuum is designed especially for hard wood flooring. The main features are highlighted here:

Bissell Power Edge vacuum cleaner

We Like

  • Swivel head allows for easy cleaning around furniture, along edges and in tight spaces
  • No brooms or attachments are needed
  • Will clean low-pile rugs in addition to wood flooring
  • Includes easily emptied dirt collection cup
  • Low profile for ease in cleaning under furniture
  • Full 20 foot cord
  • Bagless, cyclonic technology
  • Easily assembled

We Don’t Like

  • One year limited warranty
  • Small wheels can clog with debris
  • Filter can clog quickly, requiring frequent cleaning

As we all know, pet hair can accumulate quickly under other furniture and around the legs of our chairs and tables. The swivel head on the BISSELL PowerEdge makes it easy to maneuver around these obstacles to get to the hair. The suction can accommodate large particles such as spilled dog food or kitty litter that gets tracked over the floor. The V-shaped design effectively pulls the debris to the center where it can be suctioned away. The edge cleaners do a good job of pulling up the small, fine debris that loves to accumulate along the floorboards.

The unit is lightweight, weighing in at only 7.1 pounds when empty. The 20 foot cord allows for adequate reach around most rooms and hallways. The bagless technology, combined with the cyclonic design combine to make it necessary to empty the dirt cup multiple times when there are large messes to clean up. For normal daily use, the dirt cup is sufficient for cleaning multiple rooms.

The wipers are constructed of rubberized material that attracts pet hair, much more than mere suction alone. Some assembly is required, with instructions detailed in the owners’ manual. The inner paper filter can be cleaned repeatedly and reused, with recommended replacement from time to time.

The small wheels on the outer edge can become clogged with debris that prevents them from rolling smoothly. These must be kept clear to prevent scratching of your wooden floors. The one year limited warranty is disappointing, and some assembly is needed.


If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum that can take care of the day to day cleaning of your hard wood floors and low-pile rugs, this BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A is a good choice. It is backed by BISSELL’s reputation for sturdy construction and quality. Pet hair doesn’t stand much of a chance against this reliable, easy to use vacuum.

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