Mint 4200 Robotic Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner Review - Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors 2018

Mint 4200 Robotic Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner Review

December 23, 2015

Is cleaning the floor at the top of your most hated chore list? If so, this Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200 may be just what you need. This robotic floor cleaner is compact but powerful. It will run for a full three hours on a single charge.

This smart little robot uses North Star Navigation System to guide it in a methodical pattern over your open floors. It will automatically log and navigate around furniture and area rugs, and “learns” the room perimeter. It is super quiet when cleaning and shuts itself off when its work is done.

Mint 42200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

An automatic robotic cleaner has advantages over a standard manual vacuum as well as some disadvantages. We’ve compiled a comparison here:

We Like


  • Compact design with quiet operation
  • Automated
  • North Star Navigation guidance
  • No collection bins to empty or filters requiring regular changing
  • Designed for dry sweeping and wet mopping
  • Accommodates disposable cleaning cloths or re-usable microfiber cloths
  • Runs for three hours on single charge
  • Automatic shut off when done
  • Power adapter included

We Don’t Like


  • Uses cleaning cloths to pick up dirt and dust not suction like a vacuum
  • Cleaning area is limited to about 800 square feet on a single charge
  • Requires 7 to 10 hours to recharge
  • North Star Navigation Cube requires batteries

Automatic robotic cleaners are fantastic for those who love high-tech gadgets that actually do what they are advertised to do. The Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200 is ideal for dry sweeping or wet mopping your hard floors, from wood to textured terra cotta tiles. The quiet operation of the unit makes it easy to ignore as it goes about its work.

The compact design allows it to move easily around and under furniture, such as coffee tables. The dimensions are 8.5 inches by 9.6 inches by only 3.1 inches tall. Since the Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200 uses cleaning cloths instead of suction there is no receptacle to empty or bag to change. The unit accepts popular disposable cleaning cloths or re-usable microfiber cloths that can be washed and reused. Wet cleaning is safe for multiple floor surfaces, including sealed floors like tile, vinyl and laminate. It can also be safely used on hard wood floors.

Controls are located on the top of the unit and include buttons to switch between modes. Switching between modes is a multistep function. To change from sweep mode to wet mopping mode, for example, the cleaning cloth must be changed and the function button selected.

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For simple dry cleaning to remove dust, pet hair, and the normal dirt that accumulates in our homes every day, this Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200 is up to the task. If you want a robotic wet mopping system, this unit can handle that, too. With the North Star Navigation cube to guide it, the Mint moves quietly about the room, taking care of its assigned task with easy efficiency. When it is finished, it shuts itself off automatically. Simply toss the disposable cloths in the trash or throw the re-usable cloths in the washer.

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