Ultimate guide for best vacuum for pet hair

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair: All You Ever Wanted To Know

December 24, 2015
best vacuum for pet hair buying guide 2016

The best vacuum cleaner for pet  should be top rated all across the board when it comes to having to deal with pet hair; whether you have a little bit of it or a whole pile of it on a daily basis. It’s design must be far more superior than other models that are similar to it on the market right now and is very sleek and appealing to the eye as well as insanely easy to use. It must have a wide range of features and accessories to offer which help to provide you with even more cleaning power and you can get all of this for a really affordable price.

Most of the best vacuum for per reviews  tells that these cleaners offer different positions for height levels in which can be controlled by the adjustment knob so you can always be sure that the brush-roll is able to clean on all types of floors.

It also comes with a hand tool that is air powered and a few other tools in which make cleaning areas that are very hard to reach a lot easier. With these vacuum cleaners, you don’t have to worry about cleaning them all the time and doing a massive amount of maintenance because they have a built in system that aids with all kinds of odors and when it is full you can dispose of the whole bag without even having to touch it.

In addition, just simply but a new one back in and you are good to go all over again.

What types of vacuum for pet hair

There are several types of vacuum cleaners out there and based on what you need one for and a budget is what will help you to determine what kind to go with then figure out the right model for you and your needs.

For example, there are upright vacuum cleaner , which are ideal for all kinds of floors and a ton of debris such as pet hair. The upright vacuum is the most popular kind bought and used.

Then there is a canister vacuum cleaner , which is a big tank, connected to a long wand; this is lighter in weight but runs more expensive in price.

Another type of vacuum cleaner is known as a stick vacuum , this kind is mostly used for the inside of homes; they are lightweight and have a lot of suction power when it comes to bare floors, and lightly carpeted areas. They tend to vary in price and are named a stick cleaner because of the way that the handle looks.

Lastly there is a handheld vacuum cleaner , this type is mainly used for the inside of a vehicle. You can find them with a cord and without a cord, there are a lot to choose from so this makes the price vary drastically; pretty much anywhere from fifty dollars all the way up to three hundred dollars.

It is a really good thing that there are different kinds of vacuum cleaners out there, this way everyone can find what they need for their reasons and uses; however, most consumers don’t realize that getting the right vacuum cleaner is getting one that can pretty much do it all in one. This is the exact reason as to why an upright vacuum is the one that is most commonly used. It is ideal for homes, offices, and can be used in vehicles as well; all thanks to the wand, the extension wand and other accessories or features such as a long and stretchy hose and a long power cord.


Believe it or not but there is a much longer list for all of the advantages of vacuum cleaner for pet hair than there are disadvantages. A lot of the advantages are also considered to be part of the features that it has to offer as well as some on board tools which are all mentioned below:

  • It is very light in weight and easy to use; only weighing a mere fifteen pounds altogether
  • It comes with a warranty that is limited and lasts for two whole years
  • You can change and or access the brush-roll as well as the belt with just the simple flip of two different levers
  • It has a bumper on the front to help protect furniture and the vacuum itself
  • The power cord is thirty feet long, this is a lot longer than normal which allows you to easily clean a large room with no issues at all
  • Five different height adjustment levels
  • There is a headlight on the front in which lights up corners that are dark or areas underneath furniture so you can see what you cleaned and what you still need to clean
  • You can easily see the bag so you can always tell when you need to replace it
  • With just the push of a button you can change the vacuum cleaner from working on hard wood floors to carpet floors
  • Wind Tunnel technology is used which helps to remove all dirt that is embedded in the floor and minimizes what may come back out as it is being used
  • You can replace the bag with just the touch of one button, it gets released and you throw it out and put a new one
  • There is an extension for the wand to make your reach even longer
  • The hose itself can stretch over twelve feet long
  • There is a pet upholstery tool and a pet hand tool, both of which have rubber wipers to help collect all pet hair and the suction for the vacuum cleaner is so powerful that the wipers wont need to get wiped because the hair just gets sucked up and passes through to the bag
  • The size of the bag used is big enough to hold a whole lot of dirt and pet hair
  • When purchased it automatically comes with the dusting brush, the crevice tool and the rotating pet power brush
  • The width of the nozzle is very wide, allowing a lot of surface to be covered at one time; the width of the nozzle it thirteen and a half inches
  • You can shut the brush-roll off when you don’t want to use it
  • It is light in weight
  • The handle is D-shaped, making it very easy to grasp and use whether you are pushing it forward or pulling it back to you


There are not many disadvantages when it comes to this model, however the few that there are mentioned below:

  • The overall price tag can be too much for many consumers but with all that it has to offer it is rather hard to say no or argue that it is not worth it in the long run
  • Having to replace the bag every single time it is full can be very costly and the majority of consumers won’t do that every time because it can be a lot of money wasted with vacuuming
  • Some models do not feature an auto cord rewind, this means that you have to wrap up the cord by hand. This is not something that is hard to do, but a lot of consumers don’t like it because they believe it is a simple waste of their time.
  • Some of them do not have a dirt finder on it or otherwise known as an EDF, this is a feature that some vacuum cleaners have which will just let you know if there is still dirt where you already vacuumed at.
  • The filter type which is known as the “Y” filter, is the one used for this model; the name brand kind is very expensive, which can cost a lot of extra money each month; just simply look for the cheaper and non-named brand.

Points to Consider when Purchasing

pet hair vacuum

When you are going through the process of trying to find the right vacuum cleaner you need to do some research beforehand; compare and contrast the top models that fit your needs.

  • It is also rather helpful to set a budget and stick with it; if not you could end up spending a lot of money that you shouldn’t have spent let alone needed to spend in the first place. Just remember that because the price tag is the highest doesn’t mean that it is the best one out there.
  • You should also try asking your family and some friends what they use and why and then go from there.
  • In the end just simply weigh the pros and cons of the model or models that you are looking at; whichever one best meets your needs and or your budget is the one that you should go with.
  • Consider what all you will be using it for and how often you will be using it as well. The more you plan on vacuuming than the larger the size for the dirt compartment is what you want to look for.
  • It is also really helpful to have a long cord so you can reach the whole room without having to stop and switch outlets; a longer cord means no auto rewind though which is not that big of a sacrifice to make in the long run.

FAQs with Answers:

Is a bagged vacuum cleaner better than a bag-less one?

Yes, a bagged vacuum cleaner is better than a bag-less one; a bag-less one tends to fill up a lot faster and it does not offer a decent amount of suction power, so when you are cleaning you aren’t cleaning like you should be or could be.

What is the difference between a vacuum that is normal and one that is a pet vacuum?

A pet vacuum has the ability to pick up pet hair and dirt a lot better than a normal vacuum cleaner because of the suction power it has to offer and because of the filtration system that is used.

What kind of wheels does this vacuum cleaner have?

The back wheels are plastic with rubber threads and the front wheels are plastic; they are very durable and do not leave any marks.

Is the suction really that good?

Yes, the suction power for these cleaners is beyond amazing, you just need to make sure that the bag is installed correctly or it will mess with the suction power

What tool or accessory should I use when cleaning my stairs?

It honestly depends on your preference as well as the type of stairs you have, such as hardwood floor stairs or carpeted stairs. The best tool to use is the wand and then use the extension wand for the stairs that are higher up. You still get the same amount of suction with the wand as you do without so your stairs will have no dirt or pet hair on them when you are done.

Final word

Overall, a best vacuum for pet hair provides a lot of suction power and offers a wide range of features and accessories which tend to cover any and every situation. The price is very affordable for what it has to offer. Every consumer that chooses this is insanely happy and has never been disappointed or experienced a problem.

Sure there are some vacuum cleaners out there that are labeled as pet vacuum cleaners but always choose something that is highly rated in every category. Why go with a model that is not worth the money and won’t end up getting the job done properly. It should have the highest possible ratings all across the board and everyone who gets it is completely satisfied with it. Don’t waste any of your time or your money and just go with what is officially and completely the best out there on the market right now.

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