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Things You Should Know Before buying a Robot Vacuum

April 21, 2016

Robotic vacuum cleaner

3 Things You Must Know Before buying Robot Vacuums

As the name suggests, a robot vacuum is an automatic vacuum unit that moves around a specific area of the house vacuum cleaning and picking any dirt in the area. It has sensors that allow it to move about and change direction once it comes across solid objects like walls and tables. If you are considering purchasing one, you may want to keep a few things in mind. They include:

  • The design and layout of your house

The effectiveness of the robot vacuum cleaner depends entirely on the design and materials used in the house. If your house is mostly carpeted, then you should look for a unit that has superior performance on a soft finish. If some areas are carpeted and other have a different material (such as wooden tiles), then you have to source a unit that can work equally well on different surfaces. The shape and design of the area that needs to be cleaned also determines your choice of equipment. If you have some stairs, most robot vacuums will not go beyond the area since its sensors are designed to stop when it encounters solid objects.

  • The amount of vacuuming you need to do

The amount of cleaning you need to do depends on the surface area. If your living area is large, you need to look for a vacuum cleaner with a sufficient capacity. Because robot vacuum cleaners have an internal rechargeable battery, you also need to get one that can hold enough charge to complete the cleaning task. In addition, you should consider the size of the dust container. The unit should be able to handle your current capacity and leave some to spare.

  • The Budget

The prices of the robot vacuum cleaners vary a lot. Units with higher quality features and also those from well-known brands cost a lot more. You may also want to consider the reputation of the manufacturer. A brand with impeccable customer service and a long warranty does not come cheap but those benefits are worth paying for. It is also a fact that if you want a durable unit that can withstand heavy use, then you must be prepared to pay a premium. The advantage of purchasing an established brand is that if the unit develops any problems, the warranty will kick in and the company will repair the unit with genuine spares. Some of the cheaper units may present an issue if they break down, especially if their spares are not readily available.

The benefits of purchasing robot vacuums

  • The units are perfect for anyone with mobility issues because all they have to do is set the vacuum to do the cleaning at a regular schedule. This will save on housekeeping costs with a cleaner coming about once or twice a week as opposed to daily.
  • Robot vacuums are great for saving time. With many people living busy lifestyles, having something that can take the cleaning load off your back is welcome. It also means that you do not have to be around while the unit is cleaning which makes it extremely convenient.
  • The robot units come with advanced features that allow them to detect the amount of dirt in an area. The unit will therefore linger for longer on a dirty area until it is completely clean.
  • The advanced sensors on the units let them differentiate between different surfaces. The vacuum cleaner is therefore able to sense and adjust settings when it is cleaning over a carpet or operating over wooden tiles.
  • You may also choose to go for a self-recharging unit. Once it senses that the power charge is low, it heads back to base for a recharge.
  • If you buy the right robot vacuum cleaner, you can count on enjoying lengthy service from it. The unit requires minimal maintenance as long as it does not encounter any external damage.
  • One of the biggest advantages of the robot vacuum is the fact that you can set it to clean while you are away. This offers you an opportunity to do something else with the extra time you save.
  • There are some small robot cleaners that do a lot more than ordinary cleaners do. They have the ability to go round corners and also beneath seats cleaning those hard to reach areas you are unable to access with the ordinary vacuum cleaner.

If you love convenience in your life, robot vacuums are the wisest choice you can make. They will clean your house in your absence just like having a domestic employee. Considering the amount of time you will save, they are worth the price. Once you get used to robot vacuums, you will be surprised you took so long to purchase a unit.

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